Albert Sweet Albert

I’m thinking of you

Take a spin in the Outback

I’ll be there too

Albert Sweet Albert

Look up at the sun

Take time to look under

Love’s just begun

Albert Sweet Albert

There’s truth to unfold

Check all your pockets

For secrets to behold

Albert Sweet Albert

Run into the street

There’s a throng of survivors

You’ll be willing to  meet

Albert Sweet Albert

Turn your cheek to the wind

There’s good times acomin’

And we are ready for the send

Albert Sweet Albert

No time for napping

Delicious toe tapping

And a parcel for mapping

Albert Sweet AQlbert

Run to the center

There’s a hell of a callling

Just ripe for the winter

Albert Sweet Albert

Go back to the center

Sing for the mystics

And let them all enter

Albert Sweet Albert

In the midst of the noise

Sing for you supper

And don’t lose your poise

Albert Sweet Albert

Hold on to the prize

Set the time running

And meet the moonrise

Albert Sweet Albert

Align with the stars

Send the world packing

And go straight for Mars

Albert Sweet Albert

Close up the booth

Come into my heart

And share me with truth

And a parcel for mapping

Albert Sweet Albert


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