This I did and  had one of my most spectacular dreams to date.  Albert and I were in the fourth dimension changing bodies, lifetimes, and ages so fast I could not see it happening.  Well, I could see some of it but sensed most of it.  This interaction was creating crisscrossing intersecting lines that resembled   five and six pointed stars overlapping each other. The colors were black, brown. orange, blue,  red, green,  and little bits of white. It appeared dense and light at the same time. It made a figure that was very dark and looked like a collage that had been decoupaged. It was so intense and electrifying that it startled me awake.   I had the thought that not only were Albert and I moving thru variations of our own bodies at the speed of light, we were also moving in and out of each variations  of each others’ bodies at the same speed.  What does this mean?  In the fourth dimension are our bodies interchangeable?  Do we move in and out of each others’ bodies at will?  Are we just naturally  moving in and thru each other with no will exerted?  Were Albert and I a part of the oneness of all things in constant motion and he and I were all I could see or experience?

In the midst of these ponderings, my brother Benny(who had passed earlier that same month) came to me in his usual abrupt and bossy manner. And as usual, his great sense of humor caused me to overlook his negative behavior. He left me with the following message: “Now let go of all your preconceived ideas of the  way you think things are on this side.  First of all, there is no this side or that side.  There is only an extension or line that keeps circling around on itself, constantly spiraling and re-entering .The levels you call physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are just energy re-entering the circling at different points on the spirals.  Your old friend, Albert, was attuned to the spiraling more than most. And you don’t know it Old Teet(nickname), but so are you.  Not in a  technical or scientific way  like him, but in a deep level of inner knowing and allowing.  I love you Old Girl.  Stop editing and judging. Just write!”

In one of my morning meditations, Albert and I walked in the fourth dimension as Light Beams.  What fun!!!


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