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The Goddess Eostre


This post was taken from “The Women’s Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets” by Barbara G. Walker.

Easter was originally a springtime festival named for the Saxon Goddess Eostre, or Ostara, a  northern form of Astarte.  Her sacred month was Eastremonath, the Moon of Eostre.The Easter Bunny  is older than Christianity; It was the Moonhare sacred to the Goddess in both eastern and western nations.Recalling the myth of Hathor-Astarte   who laid the Golden Egg of the sun, Germans used to say the hare would lay eggs for good chldren on Easter Eve.

Like all the church’s “moveable feasts” , Easter shows its pagan roots origin in a dating system based on the old lunar calendar. It is fixed as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, formerly the “pregnant phase”  of Eostre passing into the fertile season. The Christian festival wasn’t called Easter until  the Goddess’s name was given to it in the late middle ages.

The Pagans began their solar New Year at the spring equinox, and up to the  middle of the 18th century they still followed the old custom of presenting each other with colored eggs on the occasion.  Eggs were always symbols of rebirth, which is why Easter eggs were usually colored red—the life-color— especially in eastern Europe.Russians used to lay red Easter eggs on  graves to serve as resurrection charms.  Village girls  like ancient priestesses in Bohemia sacrificed The Lord of Death  and threw him into water, singing,”Death swims in the water, spring comes to visit us, with eggs that are red, with yellow pancakes, we carried Death out of the village, we are carrying Summer into the village.”

Another remnant of the pagan sacred drama was the image of the  god buried in his tomb, then withdrawn and said to live again.. The church instituted such a custom early early in the Middle Ages, apparently  in hopes of a reported  miracle. A small sepulchral building having been erected and the consecrate host placed within, a priest was set to watch it from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.  Then the host was taken out  and displayed, and the congregation was told Christ was risen.

Germany applied to Easter the same title formerly given to the season of the sacred king’s love-death, Hoch-Zeit, “the High Time”.  In English too, Easter used to be called the  Hye-.” Tide”.  From these titles came the colloquial description of any festival holiday as “a high old time.”

Happy Eostre!




Today while reading some of my writing from 2005 I ran across ti tidbit, which I thought might be beneficial to my readers:

“This afternoon I was watching a documentary by Rosanna Arquette called ‘Searching For Debra  Winger’. It is about working mothers and specifically actresses.  This quote from Debra Winger was a great realization for me. She said, ‘My vitality does not come from a role or a part I play in my life. My vitality comes from within myself.’

I realized that my vitality, my passion, my inspiration, my motivation, comes from within myself. I am not defined  nor limited by any role I may choose to play in my life such as that of mother, grandmother, teacher, psychic, artist, author, or any other role I may choose.

I give myself permission to learn how to tap into my vitalization and allow my vitality, inspiration, passion, and imagination to create a role for all of these powerful qualities and forces to flow thru that role. In reality this is what has already happened.  The vitality and imagination came forth first, followed by the role.

What I have been doing for over seven years is trying to force my vitality into the old role, which I have been playing since l974.  Thirty years is a long time. Even though the role has undergone many changes over the years, it has essentially been the same role.

I t seems that Infinite Imagination may be the space from which vitality flows–at least for me in this moment in time. This I have learned from you, Albert, and I am very grateful.


Wild and Exciting in II(Infinite Imagination)


Communicating with Albert in 2004, I said to him, “Albert, I want something wild and exciting in my life.

A{Albert}    If you truly want it, take it into II(Infinite Imagination}, spend time with it there and allow it to expand. Create it in II and leave it there. Each time you move into II spend some time in your creation.  Watch it grow!

A    So Lucretia, there are a great may kinds of ” wild and exciting. ”  Be clear about which kind you want.

L(Lucretia}     I want the ” wild and exciting” that stimulates my mind and my heart. Something that is fun, filled with pleasure, harms no one, fulfills my innermost being, and makes me squeal with delight.!

A     Lucretia, do you see how clear you are on this point? You did not even have to ponder this. It just came so spontaneously! This tells me you are truly ready for this experience or experiences.

L     Does it involve time travel?  Hey, Albert, It did!

L     I moved into II. I could see and feel myself there with you, where  I stayed for a short while.  Then I moved into “wild and exciting” with you also.  W&Ex(“wild and exciting”} was a red light filling us up with a crackling, spitting, fiery, energy!  I looked back to the place where I entered II and I was still sitting there. I was very surprised and delighted to find myself in two places at once—time travel.  Being in one place and looking back at myself still in the place I  just came from!  I just had to repeat this!  Yahoo, Albert!!!!!!

L     This quote came from the book, “Faster Than The Speed Of Light”.  Unfortunately I did not write down the author’s name.  “Matter tells space how to curve; space tells matter how  to move.”

L     It’s a dance! “Matter tells space how to curve, space tells matter how to move”:  I{Matter) move into II(Space}.  I tell II how to curve(how to create what I want}.  II(Space) tells me(Matter) how to move into another space,”wild and exciting” (W&Ex).  Then I (Matter) look back into II(Space) and see the connectedness of space(II) and matter(I) along that space/time continuum and I (Matter) dance back and forth between the two spaces, II and W&Ex, creating a spiral as I move back and forth.  As I(Matter) am spiraling around the two spaces, the spiraling of matter (I) is causing the spaces to expand and ripple out into the universe each time matter(I) shows space(II and sW&Ex) how to curve and space(II and W&Ex) how to move.   I wish I could grasp this.  Hell, I just wish I could grasp even a small part!


Earlier conversation with Albert, about Infinite Imagination, which is a meditative state  he took me to prior to this conversation.

Lucretia—Albert, I would love to time travel.

Albert—I know that. And there is no possible way of completing  all that you want to do during this lifetime.  For the time being, (no pun intended)let’s keep focusing on Infinite Imagination, (which we will refer to as II).  II is a space where it is possible to expand and absorb imagination and creativity.  If you choose, you can implant ideas, desires, wishes, questions, creations, and requests into the space for the purpose of expansion  or manifesting, which is what most people will desire of II.

However, the most beneficial use (from my perspective) for human evolution, is to just allow yourself to be in II as often as possible. Time spent here opens all your senses to a greater expansion of creativity, healing, and imagination.  Each moment builds on itself by enabling you to absorb and expand at a greater and/or deeper level that the one you last experienced. Think of yourself as a sea sponge, so small you could never be detected, even by the largest microscope or magnifier that exists today.  Each moment spent in II, you absorb and expand a little more. So the next time you go there you enter as a larger sponge, expanding and absorbing even more, until ultimately,  you are able to absorb infinity.  Even I cannot imagine what world you evolve into by doing this.  Exercise: Expanding And Absorbing Sponge


This is part of a  conversation I had early on with Albert.  He said to me, “Most of modern science is done in collaboration. And what I desperately needed at the time was the right collaborator. On my own I was just going round and round in circles, getting stuck on the same irrelevant details, so that no consistent “whole” ever seemed to emerge.”

I replied, “So Albert, do I need the right collaborator in my life to get me off my stuck ass and move? With whom do I need to collaborate?  And what do I need to collaborate?  Is it you, Albert?”    “Looks like it! It would appear so! Yes!” said Albert.What more proof do you want?”

A collaboration between Albert, scientist, humanitarian, womanizer, dreamer, imaginater, mama’s boy, father, husband, writer, dilettante, musician, rebel, intuitive, seeker, lover, traveler, loner, eccentric, genius, and now we don’t know what.  Well, you do, but I don’t.


Lucretia,, dreamer, write, healer, intuitive, seeker, procrastinator, mother, grandmother, lover, wise woman, traveler, loner, artist, eccentric, crazy woman, shapeshifter.

“What shall we collaborate on today, Albert?” I asked.  “We just did–on some of the words that describe who you are and I was”, he replied.  “Are you no longer those things?” I asked.   He replied, “Some are  still true.  Others have gone their way, leaving holes in wholeness to be filled up with other parts of the Source that better serve me in my evolutionary space now.  The same thing is happening to you also, Lucretia.  You are just not as consciously attuned to the changes taking place , as am I.”

“Well, there is one thing we agree on, Albert.  Our collaboration will never claim to be ‘automatic writing’.”     “No,” said Albert. “That would imply  that neither nor I take responsibility for our own thoughts and words.  You see, we are both editing as we go. We are connected entities interacting, and to a greater degree, reaching out to collaborate in a manner that has meaning for both of us and for the universe.

“And you say this with all humility–right, Albert?”         “Yes I do, dear girl! And we shall keep each other froom being too arrogant in our concept of the validity of our contributions.