This is part of a  conversation I had early on with Albert.  He said to me, “Most of modern science is done in collaboration. And what I desperately needed at the time was the right collaborator. On my own I was just going round and round in circles, getting stuck on the same irrelevant details, so that no consistent “whole” ever seemed to emerge.”

I replied, “So Albert, do I need the right collaborator in my life to get me off my stuck ass and move? With whom do I need to collaborate?  And what do I need to collaborate?  Is it you, Albert?”    “Looks like it! It would appear so! Yes!” said Albert.What more proof do you want?”

A collaboration between Albert, scientist, humanitarian, womanizer, dreamer, imaginater, mama’s boy, father, husband, writer, dilettante, musician, rebel, intuitive, seeker, lover, traveler, loner, eccentric, genius, and now we don’t know what.  Well, you do, but I don’t.


Lucretia,, dreamer, write, healer, intuitive, seeker, procrastinator, mother, grandmother, lover, wise woman, traveler, loner, artist, eccentric, crazy woman, shapeshifter.

“What shall we collaborate on today, Albert?” I asked.  “We just did–on some of the words that describe who you are and I was”, he replied.  “Are you no longer those things?” I asked.   He replied, “Some are  still true.  Others have gone their way, leaving holes in wholeness to be filled up with other parts of the Source that better serve me in my evolutionary space now.  The same thing is happening to you also, Lucretia.  You are just not as consciously attuned to the changes taking place , as am I.”

“Well, there is one thing we agree on, Albert.  Our collaboration will never claim to be ‘automatic writing’.”     “No,” said Albert. “That would imply  that neither nor I take responsibility for our own thoughts and words.  You see, we are both editing as we go. We are connected entities interacting, and to a greater degree, reaching out to collaborate in a manner that has meaning for both of us and for the universe.

“And you say this with all humility–right, Albert?”         “Yes I do, dear girl! And we shall keep each other froom being too arrogant in our concept of the validity of our contributions.


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