Earlier conversation with Albert, about Infinite Imagination, which is a meditative state  he took me to prior to this conversation.

Lucretia—Albert, I would love to time travel.

Albert—I know that. And there is no possible way of completing  all that you want to do during this lifetime.  For the time being, (no pun intended)let’s keep focusing on Infinite Imagination, (which we will refer to as II).  II is a space where it is possible to expand and absorb imagination and creativity.  If you choose, you can implant ideas, desires, wishes, questions, creations, and requests into the space for the purpose of expansion  or manifesting, which is what most people will desire of II.

However, the most beneficial use (from my perspective) for human evolution, is to just allow yourself to be in II as often as possible. Time spent here opens all your senses to a greater expansion of creativity, healing, and imagination.  Each moment builds on itself by enabling you to absorb and expand at a greater and/or deeper level that the one you last experienced. Think of yourself as a sea sponge, so small you could never be detected, even by the largest microscope or magnifier that exists today.  Each moment spent in II, you absorb and expand a little more. So the next time you go there you enter as a larger sponge, expanding and absorbing even more, until ultimately,  you are able to absorb infinity.  Even I cannot imagine what world you evolve into by doing this.  Exercise: Expanding And Absorbing Sponge


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