Wild and Exciting in II(Infinite Imagination)


Communicating with Albert in 2004, I said to him, “Albert, I want something wild and exciting in my life.

A{Albert}    If you truly want it, take it into II(Infinite Imagination}, spend time with it there and allow it to expand. Create it in II and leave it there. Each time you move into II spend some time in your creation.  Watch it grow!

A    So Lucretia, there are a great may kinds of ” wild and exciting. ”  Be clear about which kind you want.

L(Lucretia}     I want the ” wild and exciting” that stimulates my mind and my heart. Something that is fun, filled with pleasure, harms no one, fulfills my innermost being, and makes me squeal with delight.!

A     Lucretia, do you see how clear you are on this point? You did not even have to ponder this. It just came so spontaneously! This tells me you are truly ready for this experience or experiences.

L     Does it involve time travel?  Hey, Albert, It did!

L     I moved into II. I could see and feel myself there with you, where  I stayed for a short while.  Then I moved into “wild and exciting” with you also.  W&Ex(“wild and exciting”} was a red light filling us up with a crackling, spitting, fiery, energy!  I looked back to the place where I entered II and I was still sitting there. I was very surprised and delighted to find myself in two places at once—time travel.  Being in one place and looking back at myself still in the place I  just came from!  I just had to repeat this!  Yahoo, Albert!!!!!!

L     This quote came from the book, “Faster Than The Speed Of Light”.  Unfortunately I did not write down the author’s name.  “Matter tells space how to curve; space tells matter how  to move.”

L     It’s a dance! “Matter tells space how to curve, space tells matter how to move”:  I{Matter) move into II(Space}.  I tell II how to curve(how to create what I want}.  II(Space) tells me(Matter) how to move into another space,”wild and exciting” (W&Ex).  Then I (Matter) look back into II(Space) and see the connectedness of space(II) and matter(I) along that space/time continuum and I (Matter) dance back and forth between the two spaces, II and W&Ex, creating a spiral as I move back and forth.  As I(Matter) am spiraling around the two spaces, the spiraling of matter (I) is causing the spaces to expand and ripple out into the universe each time matter(I) shows space(II and sW&Ex) how to curve and space(II and W&Ex) how to move.   I wish I could grasp this.  Hell, I just wish I could grasp even a small part!


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