Today while reading some of my writing from 2005 I ran across ti tidbit, which I thought might be beneficial to my readers:

“This afternoon I was watching a documentary by Rosanna Arquette called ‘Searching For Debra  Winger’. It is about working mothers and specifically actresses.  This quote from Debra Winger was a great realization for me. She said, ‘My vitality does not come from a role or a part I play in my life. My vitality comes from within myself.’

I realized that my vitality, my passion, my inspiration, my motivation, comes from within myself. I am not defined  nor limited by any role I may choose to play in my life such as that of mother, grandmother, teacher, psychic, artist, author, or any other role I may choose.

I give myself permission to learn how to tap into my vitalization and allow my vitality, inspiration, passion, and imagination to create a role for all of these powerful qualities and forces to flow thru that role. In reality this is what has already happened.  The vitality and imagination came forth first, followed by the role.

What I have been doing for over seven years is trying to force my vitality into the old role, which I have been playing since l974.  Thirty years is a long time. Even though the role has undergone many changes over the years, it has essentially been the same role.

I t seems that Infinite Imagination may be the space from which vitality flows–at least for me in this moment in time. This I have learned from you, Albert, and I am very grateful.



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