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Albert – Info On The Spacetime Continuum



To enter into the spacetime continuum is to go into the ethers of a levitated experience of becoming a holographic liaison between the worlds – past, present, and future.


John Wheeler On General Relativity


John Wheeler (age 27), Princeton Physics Department, Specialist in atomic and nuclear physics. He encapsulated general relativity in one clear sentence:

“Mass tells spacetime how to curve and spacetime tells mass how to move.”

Albert gave his last seminar in Wheeler’s class. Room 309

From “Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony”, by Marcia Bartusiak – 2000

Bookpeople – 11-06-03

Thanks To MY Freckled Hand


I wrote this in a Jean Houston workshop called RennaissanceOf Self and Society on 11-1-03:

Thanks To My Freckled Hand

Thank you dear one for your generosity of spirit. Your gracefulness of movement thru time. Your reaching out to connect with all realms, especially AB(Albert). Your tenderness toward the children and the child in all of us.
Your gathering of people, places, things, and holding them to my heart.

I am dedicating what I have learned about my hand to my dear Grandma Jones. Nancy Evalena Reeves Jones had the most beautiful, strong, yet supple, soft, and graceful hands I have ever seen. held or been held by.
Bless your sweet heart, Grandma. I always hold you in mine.

Old Pattern Causing My Inflamed Left Knee


For the last six months I have been working with Changing Old Patterns.  You know those old destructive patterns we keep repeating over and over and getting the same results? That’s one of  the definition of insanity, by the way–to keep repeating the same thing over and over and expecting the different results.

In March of this year my left knee became inflamed and it was extremely painful. I went to my chiropractor after about 3 weeks. He gave me exercises to do and told me to put a brace on it, and use ice several times a day.  Since I have a super sensitive body, the brace made it hurt worse and created a rash behind my knee. So I switched to an ace bandage, which I wore day and night until 2months ago, when I stopped using it at night.  About 3 weeks ago I stopped using it altogether. Through out the entire ordeal, I have taken major amounts of natural and alternative supplements for inflamation and rebuilding tissue,  such as: curcumin, the active ingredient in tumeric, MSM, glucosomine sulphate, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, and extra fish oil and vitamin D.

All of these  helped somewhat, (I am still taking all of these supplements) but major healing began when I decided to look at the old pattern that was causing the pain in my knee. And that old pattern was,”Enforced servitude to the masculine and the patriarch.” I set about releasing that old pattern and creating a new one to replace it.

The affirmation I used to release the old is:”I am grateful I have completely released the old  pattern of enforced servitude to the masculine  and the patriarch”.                                Thank You!                  Thank You!                Thank You!

The new pattern is”I am grateful I have completely healed the pain in my knee thru a deeper commitment to The Divine Feminine, my Soul, Change and Healing on the Planet, The Earth Mother, and Myself.”

The healing has happened in stages. The pain stayed at the same level for several weeks and then suddenly there was a little less pain. The last shift happened last week and it was a major one.   It was during the third meeting of a weekly women’s group I had begun the first week of September, called, CHANGING OLD PATTERNS.  The old pattern of the women’s group had nothing to do with  my knee.  That night we released a major issue for all of us, which obviously affected my knee. I am still a bit gimpy but my knee is about 90% healed, at this point.

I ask myself, if I had not had the inflamed knee, would I ever have released that old pattern? And I answered myself, probably not!   Once again, reinforcing my belief–there are no accidents and/or coincidences!  Everything that happens has a purpose!!