Dream Sourcing of Waking Dream..”Outbreak of Hives”



After I ate brunch today(black beans and rice), I was emptying the pot into small containers to freeze. Suddenly my face began to feel hot. After I emptied the pot and began to wash it, my face was getting hotter and burning. By the time I finished washing it i knew that when I looked into the mirror, my face would be blazing red.

I was correct, as usual, King Friday. My face was covered in red hives, as were my hands, elbows, shoulders, and chest. Then my legs and ankles were turning red. Since I had my clothes on, I couldn’t see the rest of my body, and I suspect it was covered in hives also, as it felt burning hot.

I immediately took 2 benedryls, drank some 2.5 ph Kangan water and sprayed the hives  several times with 2.5 water.  I lay down on my bed and began taking Rescue Remedy every five minutes and continued spraying with 2.5 water several times more. Within an hour they were all gone.



The hives were an outbreak of stored anger and pain that were trapped in your body. And you were right in thinking it had something to do with breathing the fumes from the Tow Truck that came today to tow Sweet Willie(my Camry) to Lloyd’s Automotive.

You had such an intense reaction to those fumes that the allergic reaction it took to clear your body was so forceful, it cleared the stuck anger and pain, along with the fumes.This action has freed you up to experience accelerated healing. You can expect evidence of this within three days.  Also expect a shift in income.




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