The Core of Manifestation is liquid and mutable. It is the very essence of change. To truly manifest in the Core, one must be able to surrender to it…become a part of it.

The  Benign Pattern of Truth from which Wisdom is extracted lives in the Core of Manifestation. Sharing this pattern with the world allows the participants to extract the wisdom from this Truth in your daily lives. Spreading this pattern thruout the world begins the transformative change on the planet from the old existing pattern of  violence, war, power over, and hierarchy to the new Benign Pattern of Truth. This new pattern is supported by the Assertive Power of the Divine Feminine, which includes creativity, wisdom, inclusive empathetic power, intuitive and heart centered action, tolerance, and is connected to Spirit.

By aligning with this Benign Pattern of Truth and putting forth it’s message, the three Priestesses forming The Triangle are being absolved from the power of the old existing pattern the world is now living under.(The Triangle was formed  by myself and two other powerful women who met weekly for three months. In a past life we were three extremely powerful priestesses filled with  universal knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately we greatly misused our power and ultimately lost it.)

They are symbols of and grounded in this Benign Pattern of Truth.They carry it within them wherever they go. They are now living their lives from the Core of Manifestation extracting wisdom from the Benign Pattern of Truth, and thru the Assertive Power of the Divine Feminine are  manifesting this New Pattern in the world.

Everyone and everything who breathes the breath of life on the earth and especially the Earth Mother herself, are filled with this New Pattern upon contact with any one or all of them. It is advisable for each of them to daily release this New Pattern to the world..

Lest they repeat their ancient pattern, it is important to remember that although they embody this power, they are most certainly still responsible for “Chopping wood and carrying water” in their everyday lives.

Thank you!            Thank You!                  Thank You!




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